Kyocera Document Solutions is proud to unveil our new brand identity. The new brand identity reflects Kyocera Document Solutions’ commitment to continuously evolve into a more unified and customer-centric organisation. It reflects our goal of playing a vital role in helping our customers compete in the digital economy. And it expresses the organisation’s growing dedication to helping our clients manage an immense volume of document information, finding insight and gaining agility, to optimise their business operations.

The core idea behind Kyocera Document Solutions’ new brand identity is to put knowledge to work to drive change. The idea expresses our priority on unifying our global resources in expert talent and technology excellence to integrate hardware, software and service solutions to help our clients maximise their business potential.

As it has since its founding, Kyocera places human bonds at the base of its management. A comprehensive set of communication tools, including visual gestures in a handwritten style, unique graphic icons and a bold new colour palette have been created to capture both the human and technological resources that come together to yield excellence in the design of total document solutions.

Together, these elements represent a statement of intent for what Kyocera Document Solutions is and will be in the years to come: an innovative company, unified in its efforts around the world that actively collaborates with its partners and clients to help people and support businesses to thrive into the future.

We welcome you to join us as we embark on this journey to transform into the Kyocera Document Solutions of tomorrow.


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