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    Pioneering spirit: it’s in our DNA

    Our founder’s philosophy is not just fancy words, we’re using it to solve your business challenges.
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    Our quest to make working spaces smarter

    We make your life easier by making your workplace smarter, putting your knowledge to work for competitive advantage. As a relentless pioneer and innovator for 60 years, we’re leading transformation in document control and information management to make businesses more agile, run more efficiently and be more customer-centric.

    It’s how we work with you that matters

    Kyocera Document Solutions may be global and forward thinking, but the way we work with you is personal and hand-in-hand, as human to human. Our philosophy and values help us strive to live the right way and act responsibly, changing things for the better and respecting people and our precious environment. Only then can we meet your hardware and software needs, prove to be your trusted, valued business partner and make a difference, together.

    “We turn information into knowledge to outperform your competition.“

    We innovate for your advantage

    Our solutions are your roadmap to achieve higher-value workflow automation, business optimisation and robustly secure documents and data.

    • Securing data from cyber attacks

      As criminals become more resourceful, you need the latest tools and systems to keep data secure. But it takes careful thought.

    • Automate invoice processing

      Traditional ways to check incoming invoices are slow and costly. Cloud-based automation frees up time, boosts efficiency and avoids errors.

    • Grow your business agility

      No need to fear digital transformation. With good planning and the right strategy, you can reap the benefits and without huge investment.

    • Is your network at risk?

      Don’t wait for a cyber attack to improve your network security. There are key steps you need to take now.

    • Does printing have a role as we go paperless?

      Going paperless doesn’t mean you have to abandon printing altogether. It’s all about working smarter.

    • Why go paperless?

      Ten good reasons why your company should become paperless.

    • Surefire way to lower costs and impress customers

      Digital transformation of logistics can provide an impressive and significant return.

    • Making logistics simple through automation

      Using the latest technology can scale the logistics process down to the bare bones, reduce costs and improve service to the customer.

    • Automate accounting systems to boost efficiency

      Finance professionals spend less time on administrative tasks, costs go down, customer service is improved as is risk analysis for credit.

    • Printing on the move

      Every enterprise needs to allow employees to print using mobile devices, but too many rely on primitive and potentially dangerous methods.

    • Let business automation do the hard work

      Workers can spend 20 per cent of their time at work looking for information. Automation increases efficiency, cuts costs and fuels growth.

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    "Respect the Divine and Love People"

    The philosophy of our founder, Dr. Kazuo Inamori, said Kyocera's mission is “to do what is is right as a human being”, a concept we include in all our decision making. By showing the importance of fairness and diligent effort, it serves as a paradigm for our conduct. 

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    Everything begins and ends with you

    One of our company’s first orders was from IBM. People said the product couldn’t be made. We didn't have the equipment or know-how, but worked day and night to create a prototype. And it worked. That’s what we mean by our customer-first approach. Listening, then using our skills and innovation to solve customer challenges, however tough.

    Why our values and heritage matter

    Discover what makes Kyocera different.

    • employees working in a glass office

      Our beginnings were humble

      KYOCERA started as a small, suburban factory, with no money, credentials or reputation. We had nothing to rely on but a little technology and 28 trustworthy colleagues. Nonetheless, the company experienced rapid growth because everyone exerted their maximum efforts and managers devoted their lives to earning the trust of employees. We wanted to be an excellent company where all employees could believe in each other, abandon selfish motives, and be truly proud to work.

      Our beginnings were humble
      Our beginnings were humble

      Kyocera started as a small, suburban factory, with no money and credentials

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      Our values keep us focused on what matters

      Our founder’s vision became the foundation of KYOCERA’s management and we strive to preserve these values in everything we do. In today’s fast-moving world, they are more important than ever to keep us focused on the customer.

      Our values keep us focused on what matters
      Our values keep us focused on what matters

      Our founder’s vision became the foundation of Kyocera’s management

    • view from above of colleagues in a meeting

      The bonds of human minds

      Human minds are said to be easily changeable. What our founder Dr. Kazuo Inamori discovered is that nothing is stronger than the human mind. KYOCERA developed into what it is today because it based on the bonds of human minds. Our founder used his insights to create a unique philosophy that we use every day as a cornerstone of our business.

      The bonds of human minds
      The bonds of human minds

      Human minds are said to be easily changeable

    • Kyocera Group

      From humble roots, we’ve grown by putting customers first, opening up new worlds by leveraging leading-edge technologies in many areas.

    • Kyocera and the environment

      We have a clear vision on how we should work to protect our precious planet and we pioneer products that help solve eco problems.

    • Gain a competitive edge

      Use our innovative ideas, award-winning hardware and smart software to put your organisation’s knowledge to work for competitive advantage.

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