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If your document search and review processes are draining your productivity, then you need KCIM
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For the modern professional, time is always of the essence. Reclaim AI reinforces this idea, stating that "teams are being challenged with larger task loads, more meetings, competing priorities, and less time to get it all done, causing unprecedented stress and strain on employees, or individual contributors." This is particularly pertinent to industries and organisations that handle huge volumes of contracts each day. Many are still juggling physical and digital documents without a defined infrastructure – the inevitable problems arising from this approach have materialised. 

Despite the tremendous advances in technology, today’s professionals are still spending multiple hours each week searching for documents. All the while, clients and colleagues are left waiting. Beyond filing cabinets and stacks of paper, the challenge of locating important working agreements or contracts increases further when these documents are scanned to an open folder and cannot be searched by specific keywords. Often, this means that workers need to dedicate additional time to recreating an entire document. All this could be avoided with one simple document management solution: Kyocera Cloud Information Manager.

Kyocera Cloud Information Manager  

At Kyocera, we take pride in equipping our clients with the technology designed to get to the heart of their pains. Kyocera Cloud Information Manager (KCIM) is one such tool designed to help professionals who work on the go with documents in digital and paper formats. Its capabilities make it the perfect fit for professionals in real estate, notaries, and insurance companies who handle contracts and other business-critical documents daily. It’s time to say goodbye to wasting hours on document searching and never-ending review cycles!

Finding documents quickly 

With KCIM, professionals can work smarter by doing more with less. The software has Google-like search functionalities so users can find the information they need in an instant. Therefore, using the servers, professionals can filter their search by date, user, relevant keywords, and more! However, this feature is not reserved for solely physical files. KCIM
can analyse and store up to 12 different document types, easily locating keywords in photos or scanned items such as contracts. Yet, the added benefits don’t stop there: documents captured by KCIM will be processed with OCR Technology, enabling professionals to recreate the document in editable format. Need to make a last-minute change to that sale agreement? No problem!

Intuitive software

In an ideal world, new technologies would be easy to use and ready to hit the ground running – that’s the beauty of Kyocera Cloud Information Manager! It allows professionals to solve their productivity issues from the get-go, with minimal training required. KCIM has a “one-click indexing” feature that simplifies labelling documents and highlighting keywords. This ensures all documents are easily found in the future. Furthermore, the platform is available through a web browser interface from any location with an internet connection allowing users to seamlessly upload a file in one domain and work on it in another, making an easy-to-use platform available at a personal workspace or in the office.

Increasing document security

Estate agents, insurance brokers, and notaries handle sensitive information every day. While most contracts are still signed on paper, they are usually scanned and converted
into digital information thereafter. Technology, therefore, must not only be flexible but secure – adhering to GDPR demands is not an option.

Kyocera Cloud Information Manager’s encrypted software has multiple layers of protection that go above and beyond to keep client data safe. KCIM controls document access: only authenticated users can view files and folders. Furthermore, time stamp control ensures professionals always have the latest version of a contract to hand.

KCIM opens a world of productivity possibilities while ensuring the basics, such as workflow efficiency and security, are covered. Professionals have the documents they need when they need them, enabling them to become more productive than ever regardless of where they work.

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